Technical Bolting

Fortress provides trained technicians and state of the art equipment for all your bolting needs. We offer hydraulic torque wrenches with ½” to 3-1/2” drives to cover 7/8” through 5-3/4” stud sizes as well as heavy hex size sockets & low clearance link tools. We offer stud tensioning equipment in all sizes and ultrasonic stress measuring for critical flange documentation. When studs are damaged and must be replaced, Fortress Specialty Services will machine out old studs, preserving the internal threads if possible or oversize and re-thread the holes if required. We can supply hands-on labor & equipment, or technical support to assist your craft in using the equipment.

Fortress Provides:

  • Hydraulic Torque Wrenches 1/2" Through 3-1/2" Stud Sizes 7/8" Through 5-3/8" Heavy Hex Sizes Socket & Low Clearance Link
  • Bolt Tensioning Services 3/4" through 4" stud diameter Fit ANSI and API flanges 50% and 100% tensioning kits Up to 21,750 PSI
  • Stud Removal Services Stud extraction (drilling) Drilling of holes for oversized studs Tapping of stud holes
  • Nut Splitting Services 1/2" through 5-3/8" nut sizes


Assembling flanges using hydraulic torque wrench
Low clearance model hydraulic torque wrench
Stud Tensioning
Stud Tensioning