Online Leak Sealing

Fortress Specialty Services Ltd and Fortress Specialty Services Inc. provide 24/7/365 routine and emergency onstream, online leak sealing. We provide leak sealing solutions for water, air, process and steam leaks. At Fortress, we provide all our clients with engineered, innovative solutions for temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 1700°F, and pressures from vacuum to 6000 psig.

Our leak sealing services are supported by a staff of on call design engineers, decades of experience, proven sealants and packing, written procedures, and some of the most experienced and talented Field Technicians and Supervisors in the industry.

At Fortress, we strive to provide the most cost effective and reliable repair solution to meet the needs of our clients. Whether it is a band clamp repair, a wire wrap of a flange or bonnet, a stock clamp or enclosure or a custom engineered solution, we offer the right repair to solve your problem fast.

Typical Applications

  • Valve Packing Leaks
  • Flange Leak Repair
  • Piping System Leaks


Elbow Leak
Elbow Clamp Installed
Installing Tee Clamp on Steam Leak
Tee Clamp Installed